Tevfik Arif, Co- Founder of Bayrock Company, Is A combination of Talent and Passion

Tevfik Arif, Co-Founder of Bayrock Company, Is A combination of Talent and Passion

Tevfik Arif of Bayrock Group is a talented orator and a man whose words fit every circumstance perfectly well. He was born in Eastern Europe, Turkey. His parents moved to Belarus a few years after his birth. The reasons for the migration as still a mystery to Tevfik.

If you happen to know about the dark side of Eastern Europe, then you will understand the passion that burns in Tevfik Arif Bayrock on matters of childhood upbringing and mentorship that he is solely committed to pursuing. Well, besides his official professional designation, he began the mentorship program a while back in his early years in high school.

As said earlier Tevfik Arif Bayrock noticed what was ailing his village in his childhood. Which he later learned that it was a national disaster and a global perspective of that Belarus was all about a drinking nation. It is right to link Belarus to a country of economic stagnation and social redundancy.

The nation became a sovereign state in 1991. It took its feet of governance from a slow and weak economy. However, Tevfik Arif Bayrock managed to serve the USSR before the independence of the Belarus state. During his time as the Minister for Commerce, Belarus had more of ethnic identity.

Belarus is the closest friend to Russia. The friendship has one thing in common from the approach Tevfik Arif Bayrock is giving his passion, Alcohol. Genetically, Russians are known to be resilient to alcohol with a very long absorption rate. That means a Russian would drink too much to feel the effect of alcohol. Belarusians adopted the same.

After the breaking of the Soviet Union Belarus went on its way as a sovereign state.  The economic and social realities vividly drew to her face. The barking financial shortfalls bit the citizens, and the scales of Belarus being in the rural areas became clear.

Alcohol became the order of the day to the citizens. They consumed it for two primary reasons. The first reason was to cloud themselves from the economic depressions and the second reason was to entertain themselves; there were no alternatives to entertainment.

However, the challenge had been a pre-existing one even at the time of the USSR. Tevfik’s father became one of the most afflicted in Belarus. The claws of alcohol never got off his neck.

The challenges that befell most of the countries that were member states of the Soviet Union were similar, alcoholism and a weak economy. That raised a lot of concern for child upbringing, an assignment that Tevfik Arif took to save the future generations.

Tevfik takes his time to empower the citizenry of the importance of guarding children in the early stages of life against alcohol. His lessons are all over the walls of Belarus. The first thing he emphasizes is the emotional intelligence. The experience is easy to understand as he puts it.

Emotional Intelligence

Tevfik Arif Bayrock insists on every parent to uphold the emotional intelligence of their children. The term may not be familiar to many. It is crucial to shade light on what emotional intelligence is and what it can do your child and the future generation of his type.

The ability of your child to read the emotions of others is a skill that every child needs. That will teach them to empathize and show concern. It is possible for a child to observe the consequences of other peoples’ actions by how they appear. In a state like Belarus, there are more than enough examples to learn from.

Emotional Intelligence also involves the ability of a child to be able to guard his/ her actions from the surrounding. The skill is more than enough weapon for children to keep close to their chests. A child whose emotional intelligence is alert will be able to make deductions of the actions he/she wants to attempt.

Tevfik Arif Bayrock says these children are in the right position of withstanding pressure from their peers and from the harsh conditions they face. It is not always that a child has to be in a severe situation to engage the emotional intelligence; some cases can be very enticing. In all those circumstances, your child needs to come out of them rationally.

How Emotional Intelligence Can Be Acquired

It is not easy to impart such skills to a child if the parent is not present to follow up the progress of the child. Tevfik Arif Bayrock has brought in measures that will help the parents to assist children to grow in a way that they can solve problems.

Creative games are essential in this case. The challenge had the games that would be able to improve the intelligence in the children and teenagers. Tevfik Arif who’s also one of Bayrock founders through the ministry of sports, organized for the establishment of chess clubs all over Belarus.

The game came in with more benefits than Tevfik imagined. More youths and children enrolled for training. The rate of teenage drinking went down, and the children were able to concentrate for long on other tasks. Tevfik pushed more for the game to be made compulsory in the schools a move that went through successfully.

Role Model

A parental class for the sake of the community was one thing Tevfik Arif did not give a second thought about. He brought qualified professionals on matters of child psychology and growth. They offered classes to parents, teachers, and guardians in Belarus. It was not an easy task to bring those adults together but consistency and persuasion did.

The fact is, children are likely to emulate what they see in adults than what adults tell them. That is a walk that is tough for most kids. They need to look at the elements in an adult and emulate the same. That would the most straightforward way of imparting virtues in the children of Belarus.

Each year, Tevfik Arif Bayrock donates approximately 300,000 dollars to support sporting activities and other programs in Belarus to help provide alternatives ways to entertain. Through his efforts, many sponsors have set their feet in Belarus to promote sporting events like tournaments and training.

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